Frequently Asked Questions

Pocketglobe is a mobile application and now website that was built to help you on the road when you travel and anywhere else. Find everything local from promotions, events, on demand services, and more! Download our app for IOS and Android.
First enter a keyword or select a category then type @ and then the city you are looking to search. Example: Bars @Austin
It is easy! Just press the star icon on the business profile to add it your favorite list. From there you will be notified anytime they send out a new promo. Press it again and it removes it from the list.
Clips make it easy to save your favorite promotions, coupons, and events in one place to use for later.
Credentials make it easy to do business with the businesses you trust and that may require identification. We help keep your personal biometric security offline by only sharing the minimum identification for services. Use Credentials in banks, gyms, childcare, and more.
No, we value your privacy so only the credentials you provide to a business stay with that business.
No, Stripe safely processes all payments through Apple Pay or Android Pay secured servers. All payments completed through manual credit card entry never touch our servers.
Sign up through our link here. After you sign up go to your business profile and click connect to Stripe. Now you can start sending through our notifications platform and ASAP.
Stripe charges a 2.9% payment + 30 cents per transaction, our base fee on top of that is only 4.87%.
Turn on Beacon to configure settings. May require passcode for manufacturer.

IOS Device Settings:

Set the UUID: 2BFBF4F5-7C67-46AE-AA68-D106ECF79CC7

Find out your business ID and set it as the major in Beacon settings.

Leave the Minor settings set as 1. Apply settings and you are done.

Android Device Settings:


Radbeacon or our own model you can purchase here

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